We have a shaded fenced-in bark park where
you can let your doggies run free, but please
use the provided poopie bags to pick-up after
your doggie.

Enjoy our newly
planted desert
garden while
your pets roam
and run!

Completely fenced-in
dogs can run and play after long trip in the RV!

We may need to get a doggie pool!

We love and welcome pets here at the park,
but we have some rules so everyone can enjoy their stay here.

1.  We do not allow large aggressive breeds (LONG TERM) in the park such as
pitbulls, dobermans, rottweilers or chows. It's nothing personal against
these breeds, but living is close together in any RV park, and these
types of dogs can make other residents feel uneasy.  Also, our insurance company makes the rules.

If you are here short-term such as overnight or a week, we may make
exceptions for certain breeds if the rules 2-9 listed below
are followed.

2.  Any and all temporary fences or structures for your pet must be pre-approved
by the owners.

3. Pets may not be left outside, tied-up or fenced unattended. 

4. Pets must be leashed (unless fenced) when outside the park at all times.

5. You must pick-up after your pet anywhere in the park or at the storage area.

8. We understand doggies bark, but please don't allow your doggie to bark continually.

9. You are responsible for keeping your pet under your control at all times.

10. If you are a monthly tenant, any pets must be pre-approved. If you wish to
acquire a new pet after moving in, this pet must be pre-approved.
11. No pets of any kind allowed in the tent area>